So, you drove in to Atlanta but aren't staying on a host hotel or overflow hotel and need to find parking in the DragonCon vicinity... You brave soul you! There is scads of parking in the area, and each lot has the required number of Disability spots (as far as I know... let me know if you find one that doesn't.) The problem is it can be hard to find spots during this busy weekend ---they fill up fast--- and some will charge more on labor day weekend. (Some may even try a little price gouging...)

Parking at DC

Parking is not something we at DCDS can do much with. The city owns some of the lots, private companies may own others. But we have some information that might be helpful.

This link goes to information on parking at the host hotels. Its rare, but they may have a few spots available.

This page offers tips and tricks for lots of things, scroll down for parking information.

This site offers an interactive map of parking all over downtown atlanta. Same as the picture here, just interactive instead of a screen capture.

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