• Dances With Wheels

    Greetings from one of those of the "wheeled" persuasion.  I, like all of you, am starting to get very pumped about the upcoming festivities of all things Geeky and Awesome.  As we all prepare with apps, cos-play and altering our sleep (or lack thereof) schedules, I'd like to add some things to consider whilst we all enjoy the merriment.

    As we converge into the acreage which is DragonCon, there are many "tricks to the trade" so far as navigating between panels, dealer's rooms, parties and the occasional hunt for food.  That said, we are all in the crowd together, in elevators, skywalks, crosswalks and mad dashes.  For those of us at chest/waist level, please understand that though the city and hotels all try to be "accessible" (please hear t…

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